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Sauntering through, Learning Lessons…Picking a Few Miracles Along the Way

Over the course of the last several months, I’ve learned many invaluable lessons. My journey towards a clearer state of mind has exposed my vulnerabilities and, as a result, has empowered me.

I am Strong because I allow myself time to be Weak.

I am Protected and Secure because I allow myself to be Transparent and Open.

I am a Success because I allow myself to reflect upon and learn from my Failures.

I am Enlightened because I allow myself time to dwell in the Darkness.

I am always changing, transitioning, developing…I forever will be. This constant state of metamorphosis used to unnerve me. I felt unsteady, unstable, uncertain. I see the beauty in this now. I have realized that this constant need for change shows my love for learning, my unwillingness to remain stagnant and my refusal to conform to a life of disconnect.

The Universe needs learners. Learners must be deep thinkers and feelers, willing to reflect, make connections, arrive at conclusions, change and become new, and share these experiences with others in meaningful ways. I am one of these learners.

At the start of 2013, I had lost momentum…slow to even come out of the gates. In a scramble to catch up, my goals and purpose became clouded. I doubted everything I did or planned to do. Eventually, I allowed that doubt to keep me from fulfilling goals I had set for myself. I momentarily fell into the trap of comparing my journey and achievements to those of others, foolishly thinking their outward appearances (because no one knows what internal struggles someone else may be facing) had become the all-purpose scale by which to weigh my value.

Thankfully, I woke up in time–in time to enjoy my saunter.

I realized that there was (and, still is) beauty and necessity in my slow pace. Slowly journeying…sauntering, strolling…has gifted me with the ability to absorb, reflect, connect and learn.

On tough days, I’ve been able to see the lessons, appreciate the value of struggle and develop the strength that comes from endurance.

The beautiful days…those are the days I enjoy my miracles…and even stop to pick a few more along the way.


Ironically, today is World Sauntering Day…I hope you’ll take a moment today, and everyday, to see the beauty in a slow, steady pace, for this is what makes a true learner.

Enjoy the world around you, soak up the lessons, and pick every miracle in sight!  (Tweet that!)

Feel This Moment

Life is marked by moments…

How we spend these moments are choices…choices that we make. No one else.

Today, I could allow tasking deadlines for projects, that don’t speak to my passions, dictate how I spend this day’s moments.

Or, I can choose to truly feel my moments…to fill them with meaning and purpose.

As I write this, I am looking out onto the back patio, gazing at the 3 baby Passion Flowers my husband gifted to me. My kids are in the distance playing on the swing set and throwing footballs in the open spaces.

Passion Flower...Fully grown, amazing and unique!

Passion Flower…Fully grown, amazing and unique!

The Passion Flowers remind me to feel, grow, live and love my dreams. They’re babies, with no blooms. But with time and care, they will thrive.

My kids…They remind me to do everything with simplicity, joy, innocence and laughter. They’re babies, as well. Naive and immature, but filled with hope for the future. They feel their moments by choosing to see their world with amazement.

As for these freelance writing deadlines looming above–I haven’t even begun to give them thought. And today, I don’t intend to. In this moment, I’m choosing to push them aside.

Today, I choose to have coffee and great conversation with a wonderful friend while our kids play and create memories together. I choose to allow the relaxation of downtime to replenish, refuel and rejuvenate my passions.

I Choose to Feel This Moment!

(Yes, I did just go from John Mayer in my last post to Pitbull & Christina Aguilera in this one! I’m eclectic and amazing like that!)

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

As a result of this blog challenge, I am on a quest for Clarity. I’d love for you to join me on my journey! Please subscribe to see how it all unfolds. If you haven’t been following, you can catch up by starting here.

Learning to Trust My Journey

From the time I was a very young girl, I have always been drawn to seashells.

My first real collection of shells began when my mother purchased a beautiful seashell-filled, glass lamp with a soft pink lampshade for my bedroom. That lamp grew with me. It shined light upon my dark nights for many years to come. In fact, it remained with me through young adulthood. I’m not certain if the lamp broke or if I just decided to open it, but, what I do know is that I eventually took all of the seashells out. And today, I still have them.

Seashells are huge part of my life. I craft with them. I decorate with them. They’re in my bedroom…my bathroom…my family room. I see and admire them daily. And if you give me a starfish or a sand dollar, then I am over-the-moon!

Seashells are beautiful–that’s no secret. Everyone loves them. So, I couldn’t help but wonder why they are so significant to me.

Seashells are carried throughout the vastness of the ocean by that which lives in them. In return, they offer protection and security ensuring the vitality and longevity of the life force within. At times, they are abandoned, no longer to be used as a dwelling place, cast aside for another that can more accommodate their needs. At other times, that which lives and breathes in them is preyed upon, picked away and devoured, leaving the shell empty and lifeless.

This brings me back to my original question. Why are seashells so significant to me? 

The answer? Because they are me.

I am carried through this abundant space called Life by the desires, goals and inspirations that live within me…They drive me! I am a vehicle of protection for my hopes and dreams, nurturing them…feeding them…sustaining their lives…providing for their existence. During difficult times and moments when I am redefining myself, I question my ability to live up to their expectations. I become filled with doubt. I become uninspired. It is during those times they abandon me, perhaps to take up residence within someone else…someone else who may be better suited to deliver them to their collective purpose. At other times, they are taken from me, picked away by the evil pressures that exist only to defeat me, leaving me vacant and without resolve.

Maybe that’s why I have seashells around…to remind myself to always be a Vessel of Vitality, a Vehicle for Vibrancy. Perhaps, I have them around as a reminder to always fill myself up with dreams and aspirations and to always be that place where they can live and grow. Perhaps, they’re around to provide comfort when I feel abandoned, defeated and confused. This, sometimes, occurs more often than I care to admit.

I recently came across a wonderful photograph by the talented Jeffrey Scott Villafane. It’s simplistic beauty is ladled with symbolic tones. And again, I saw myself.

Another thought provoking image by the visually gifted Jeffrey Scott Villafane. See more of his work at www.jeffreyscottphotography.com

I wondered what this shell had been through. What life force did it once house? What conditions had it endured?

Imagine, if you will, being carried from place-to-place within the ocean…braving rough waves and seas…being tossed about until finally you’ve reach land.

Quite a tumultuous journey, to say the least.

And notice, this shell is not cracked. It is not chipped. It is not shattered into pieces of its former self.

It is whole…unblemished…patiently awaiting what life has in store.

Look closely and you will see that it is surrounded by the broken bits of shells that came before it…the ones who weren’t strong enough…the ones who gave up on their purposes…the ones who not only felt fragmented, but also became fragmented (Yes, there is a difference.).

As I gaze at this photo, I feel an absence of direction. I don’t know whether this shell is coming or going…winning or losing…failing or succeeding. I suspect it may feel the same, only somehow, I don’t think it minds.

Similarly, in this very moment, as I gaze inward, I feel confusion, uncertainty and no sense of direction. The difference is I am impatient, and I have minded.

Seeing this photo of this shell, which has managed to navigate Life’s choppy waters and emerge unscathed, gives me hope.

This shell patiently sits, surrounded by ridges of challenges–the ridges behind it are those difficulties that have been overcome–the ridges ahead are those challenges yet to be conquered. Although it sits in the wet, hard sand that will inevitably become immersed in salty foam, it knows the dry, warm sand awaits. It knows all it needs to do is trust, persevere and never give up.

Again, a shell is reminding me of what I need to do…

When the waves of distraction, confusion, self-doubt, failure and defeat swell to sizes larger than life, I need to ride them out. There will undoubtedly be moments when I am completely underwater, near drowning with no lifeline in sight. It is during those moments that must fight the hardest, hold my breath the longest, trusting that I will not only reach the surface, but also be delivered unto dry land, whole, unblemished and unscathed.

The shell has taught me to be still, to be patient, to be persistent and, above all else…

Trust My Journey!