“I Gotta” Get Off of this Runaway Train

I opened my eyes this morning, and, no sooner than my feet hit the floor, my thoughts were consumed with “I gotta…”

“I gotta” meet this deadline. “I gotta” meet that deadline. “I gotta” deadline approaching next week. “I gotta” get that project done. “I gotta,” at least, brainstorm on the other.

Every “I gotta”–each having absolutely nothing to do with my current business and career goals–left me filled with angst, turmoil and breathlessness.

When you find yourself sighing, huffing, puffing, gasping for air at the very thought of a task or tasks at hand, then that is a sure indicator that it should be removed from your list of obligations.

You see, Time is so precious, valuable and, in my case, limited. I only have so much with which to work. My sweet friend and fellow writer, Angie Mizzell, says it best…”Working in between the cracks!” Any woman who juggles marriage, motherhood, career and individuality knows exactly what that means. Sometimes, we only have small shreds of time to channel our creativity and talents into something productive and meaningful. Sometimes, it’s 20 minutes…Sometimes, you’re fortunate enough to get an hour…Sometimes, only a mere fraction of that.

When my tiny slivers of time are filled with “I gotta’s” that solely benefit someone else, then “I gotta” problem with that.

It feels like I’m flying down the tracks on a runaway train that’s sure to crash and burn.

Chaos is like a Runaway Train. If you don't get off, you're doomed!

Chaos is like a Runaway Train. If you don’t get off, you’re doomed!

You’ve seen the movies and cartoons. Some damsel in distress is trapped on board a train car with no engineer, no conductor, no brakes and the track abruptly ends at the cliff of a mountain. She’s yelling for help, and her hero risks it all to bravely save her just in the nick of time.

Humph! How convenient…

In my story, my only hero is me. If I want to be saved, I’ll have to do it myself.

But before I can even begin to devise a plan of escape, I must first understand why. Why did I re-board this same train? And why did I do so after I had already claimed and embraced my Clarity?

Am I placing the dreams of others ahead of my own out of fear? Fear of what? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

Am I piling more and more on my plate out of greed? An insatiable thirst to be seen as some type of Superwoman?

Is it out of competition? Or a need to prove myself?

I need the answers! I fully intend to explore all of these questions and more, because the only thing “I Gotta” do is Get Off of this Runaway Train!

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

8 thoughts on ““I Gotta” Get Off of this Runaway Train

  1. This reminds me so much of how I was when I worked in full time employment as a project manager and every single moment was filled with “gottas” – it all got so bad at one point that I didn’t want to take a vacation trip we had booked as I couldn’t even think about finding time and energy to prepare and pack! That’s when I realized things had to change – and eventually, I left my job to work from home.

    Now my life is still filled with “gottas” but I have time to do a lot of them! And time to think about the ones I want to dump.
    Ana recently posted…Should You Share Relationship Problems?My Profile

  2. What a fantastic article. Not too long ago, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed starting to say NO to a lot of things. You’re so right that there’s only so much time, & doing stuff that won’t move you toward the life you want is just a hinderance.

    I also used to wake up with a laundry list of stuff I had to do. I’ve made a habit out of waking up & having coffee & sitting in the quiet dark for a while, centering myself. It’s made a huge difference for the better in how my days go now.

    Shelli Johnson recently posted…My Favorite Writing Advice ~ Be Wrong As Fast As You CanMy Profile

  3. Right now I feel like i have too much going on and am slowly taking a step back, little by little. I have spent many late nights trying to finish up my “gottas”!

  4. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading this, and boy, do you speak for all Superwomen! Thank you for an insightful post and a reminder to focus on ourselves more!

  5. Great article about the only thing that does NOT stand still. 🙂 I’ve learned that time is the same whether I rush around or not. So, I made a decision to slow down and accomplish one task at a time. Plus understanding what must get done and what can wait helped a lot too. The results, more done with less stress. 🙂
    Dina Blas recently posted…Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.My Profile

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