Feel This Moment

Life is marked by moments…

How we spend these moments are choices…choices that we make. No one else.

Today, I could allow tasking deadlines for projects, that don’t speak to my passions, dictate how I spend this day’s moments.

Or, I can choose to truly feel my moments…to fill them with meaning and purpose.

As I write this, I am looking out onto the back patio, gazing at the 3 baby Passion Flowers my husband gifted to me. My kids are in the distance playing on the swing set and throwing footballs in the open spaces.

Passion Flower...Fully grown, amazing and unique!

Passion Flower…Fully grown, amazing and unique!

The Passion Flowers remind me to feel, grow, live and love my dreams. They’re babies, with no blooms. But with time and care, they will thrive.

My kids…They remind me to do everything with simplicity, joy, innocence and laughter. They’re babies, as well. Naive and immature, but filled with hope for the future. They feel their moments by choosing to see their world with amazement.

As for these freelance writing deadlines looming above–I haven’t even begun to give them thought. And today, I don’t intend to. In this moment, I’m choosing to push them aside.

Today, I choose to have coffee and great conversation with a wonderful friend while our kids play and create memories together. I choose to allow the relaxation of downtime to replenish, refuel and rejuvenate my passions.

I Choose to Feel This Moment!

(Yes, I did just go from John Mayer in my last post to Pitbull & Christina Aguilera in this one! I’m eclectic and amazing like that!)

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

Using this blog challenge to find Clarity, Simplicity and the Basics!

As a result of this blog challenge, I am on a quest for Clarity. I’d love for you to join me on my journey! Please subscribe to see how it all unfolds. If you haven’t been following, you can catch up by starting here.

9 thoughts on “Feel This Moment

  1. Oh I am adding you to my Feedly! Everything in this post resonates with me! Down to your eclectic taste in music! I love Pitbull and that song rocks! I am all about the moment and the power to choose it. Today I blogged about moments cannot have fear and love in cohabitation – and we have the power to choose which does! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Passion Flowers but I love the picture! Wow! I wonder if I could get them to grow for me? I believe we are all our own version of Passion Flowers – with unique, gorgeous blooms to share with the world! Thank you for sharing yours today!
    MelAnn recently posted…Mirrors – Love Hate RelationshipMy Profile

  2. The moments when we step back and really observe our lives are when we are human BEINGS, not doings! It sounds like a magical day! I’m sure this day will imprint itself in your heart and yield many blossoms!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lianda Ludwig recently posted…The Cure For BingingMy Profile

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