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I am…EVERY woman!


I am Strong

I am weak

I am Resilient

I am fragile


I am Intelligent

I am clueless

I am Brilliant

I am foolish


I am Fiercely Protective

I am in need of shelter

I am ENERGIZED in the Sun

I am weary through stormy weather







I am a Best Friend, a trusted confidante

I am your Worst Enemy if you try to fill me with daunt


I am Accurate and Precise like a sleek Stealth Bomber

I am Carefree and Wind-Carried like a sailing air glider


I am Powerful and Deliberate, more than any locomotive

I am flimsy and undecided, complete with trainwreck moments


I am Sassy, Saucy, Spicy and Silly

I am Sophisticated, Subtle, Self-Secure and Serious


i am humble


I am Warm

I am cold


I am Fun, Zany, Fantastic and Wild


…i am dull…





I am Creative, Artisitic, Motivated and Driven

I am tired and worn out and wonder the purpose of living


I am Hardworking

I am lazy

I am Sane

I am crazy




i am reserved


I am an OxYmOrOn

I am Perfectly Flawed


I am Multi-Dimensional

I am Multi-Faceted


I am EVERYTHING and nothing


I am EVERY woman…


I'm Every Woman

Ladies…What kind of a woman are YOU?!

Discover and Embrace…today and EVERYDAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am a Superwoman! And So are YOU!

“Wow, you’re a Superwoman!” “How do you do it? You’re a Superwoman!” “Do you have an ‘S’ on chest? You must be Superwoman!”

The above statements are only some of the comments that I have received from others when they learn that I am a Wife; a Mother of 8; a Freelance Writer, Columnist, Blogger and aspiring Author; and a Floral Designer.

Each time I have received these beautiful comments, I have both bashfully and uncomfortably expressed my gratitude and quickly changed the subject. I have even on occasion replied by saying, “Oh, no no no. I’m not Superwoman.”

Since last Saturday alone, I cannot count the number of times I have heard this exact phrase. And quite honestly, I am thankful to have been, for lack of a better word,  bombarded with it, because it held me down in that uncomfortable place long enough to force me to stop squirming and start wondering. I wondered why these compliments conjured up such discomfort within me. I wondered why I felt so undeserving. I wondered why I felt as if a cement block had been chained to my ankle and I was shoved overboard…to drown.

Yes, that uncomfortable!

Initially, my answer was that Superwoman does things perfectly. And, although, I would love to think that I am faster than a mischievous 2-year-old and can leap tall mountains of laundry in a single bound, the truth is that I am not even close to perfection.

But then, I quickly realized that really wasn’t it. That was not the reason behind the uneasy feeling in the pit of my gut.

The real reason is that I am uncomfortable with the possible notion that I am somehow the standard by which women are to be measured. Do these comments suggest that a woman must have 8 kids, a husband, and be career-oriented in order to be considered Super? If so, then I am uncomfortable with that.

What makes me Super is different than what makes the next woman Super, and so on.  We are ALL Super in our own right.

I have spent years working on the wonder that is me. And I have only scratched the surface.  And as I begin the last year of my 30’s, I feel powerful, strengthened, excited, and inspired.  But most of all, I feel thankful. Thankful for all of my successes and all of my failures. Thankful for all of my highs and all of my lows. Thankful for all of my “high-heeled” struts AND all of my embarassing face-plants!

I have spent many years “searching for the better part of me”…discovering that which makes ME Super. And I have spent much time observing what makes other women Super, as well.

Am I a Superwoman? Yes I am! And to all my women I say…So Are YOU!

Explore, Discover, Highlight, and Showcase ALL that makes you Super!

Remember, we are women, and that, alone, makes us Super!

Tell me…What makes you feel Super?

The Secret’s in the Roux

Donloyn's Homemade Gumbo!

All good gumbo begins with a great roux!

For those of you who may not know, a roux is a mixture of flour and fat (oil or butter) that serves as a thickener and base for gumbo.

A great roux takes time. Equal parts of flour and fat are blended together over heat, stirring constantly, until the roux is the perfect color, silky smooth, and bursting with a nutty smell.

Once you have created a strong base, which serves as the foundation for your gumbo, you can begin adding ingredient after ingredient, layer upon layer, until you arrive at the finished product…a Perfect pot of gumbo!

But Gumbo is deeper than just a savory dish. It signifies the coming together of all the best elements that several different cultures have to offer.

And yet, the magnitude of this meal does not end there.

In fact, the process of turning simple flour and oil into a rich pot of complex flavors and aromas is much like the process of transitioning from a young, naive girl into a strong, confident, and self-assured woman. It takes time, thought, and careful consideration.

And sometimes, women may find that after years of work in their “test kitchens,” their “gumbo” still falls a bit bland and flat. No worries…sometimes personal recipes need a little tweaking along the way.

What’s my recipe, you ask?

Blend equal parts of Love and Tenderness. Add a cup of Knowledge, a heaping tablespoon of Strength and Confidence, a 1/2 cup of Compassion and Trust, 2 teaspoons of Independence, 2 cups of Prayer, a dash of Purpose, a dollop of Determination, a sprinkle of Inspiration, and Voila! You’ve created a Bold, Beautiful, Sassy Sophisticate!

Are you satisfied with the woman you are today? If not, I have only one thing to say…

The secrets in the roux! What’s in your Gumbo pot?