Reflections, The Open Door and A New Beginning

When one walks through an Open Door, most only see it as entering a new area, a new space or a new time. However, if you free your mind and open yourself up to the entire experience, you also will see it as an exiting…an exodus of sorts. In order to move towards something new, you must leave the former; however, the experiences you just left deserve  as much attention as those you are set to begin.

Some say you should never look back, only forward. They equate it with living in the past, but there is a distinct difference between Reflection and dwelling. If you don’t reflect upon your previous situations and states of mind, then how will you ever measure your successes or the increased strength of your character? How will you be able to take note of personal growth? You wouldn’t be able to. It’s not possible to truly appreciate where you are unless you have the courage to examine where you’ve been.

I have spent the better part of the last several weeks Reflecting. I have been thinking back on my Decade of Discovery(my 30s), examining my growth and reviewing my journey. I have read through many old journal entries; examined jotted down notes and ideas; and unearthed hidden treasures in the form of scrap slips of paper, containing my deepest thoughts and dreams, stuffed in the pages of a book long forgotten.

My 10 year story of growth and discovery surrounds me. It is profound. At times is it happy and vibrant…at others, dismal and bleak. Mostly, it tells the story of young woman in search of her unique self, looking for solid ground, longing to forgive, yearning to be free–A woman with gifts so rare, others stand in awe of her talents…talents that she can’t seem to see. It tells the story of a woman with a voice as loud as thunder, power as mighty as a raging river and confidence as vast as the heavens, if she would only give herself permission to use them. Secretly, she is a caged bird without a song, who, over time, realizes that she has held the keys to her happiness, understanding and freedom all along. It is the story of a woman who learns to see beyond the circumstances and begins to recognize the lessons. It’s the story of a woman discovering the beauty in all things…even the beauty in herself.

And so, after much Reflection, I find myself standing at the threshold of The Open Door–the door that leads to my Decade of Enlightenment, My New Beginning! Today, I am no longer 30something…I am 40, and I have never felt more alive, vibrant or secure! I feel Enlightened, Encouraged and Inspired! I now truly know who I am and what I stand for. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I liked the full-grown woman I saw standing before me! I have prepared for this moment, and this moment did not disappoint!

Like the sunrise, today marks a crucial transition.

According to an old proverb, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Figuratively speaking, I believe that to be true. Through my time of Reflection, I wondered if I would be well-prepared for this day…if I would begin to see the light…if my wings would spread and I would take flight…if I had Trusted My Journey enough. And like the first rays of light that burst through from the morning sun, a Door was Opened.

The Sunrise marks the the transition from the former things to the experiences that lie ahead. It is the doorway to all that is new and promising. And it allows us to Reflect on the day gone, learn the lessons and apply those lessons to the day before us.

The sun has risen on a new day, a new chapter in my life. I happily journey into my
Decade of Enlightenment!

The Sunrise marks a New Beginning…

It is with Confidence, that I Fearlessly walk through this Open Door into my New Beginning!

I am 40! Fabulous and Fierce! Feeling Fantastic and Free! I am far from from perfect, still flawed, and I will forever be a student of Life. But, as I stand here, looking out onto my horizon, I see an ocean of possibilities caressed by the rays of promise!

Thank you, Michelle Shanahan-Scott, for unknowingly capturing my transition from Discovery to Enlightenment!


7 thoughts on “Reflections, The Open Door and A New Beginning

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  4. Isn’t it beautiful to be courageous?! There is so much power in self-discovery! I truly enjoyed reading this and I’m looking forward to hearing about all the phenomenal experiences you’ll encounter on the other side of the door. Many blessings! B.

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